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Northstar provides our Cannabis clients with expert financial resources


The cannabis industry is the fastest-growing industry in the United States, and it’s experiencing a period of rapid change and development. In addition, this underdeveloped industry has many legal landmines, limited access to financial services, and complicated accounting and regulatory requirements.

The Cannabis Industry

The need for financial expertise

Cannabis companies find themselves challenged by complicated financial issues stemming from:

  • The complexity of industry-specific accounting requirements
  • A lack of qualified industry bookkeepers & CPAs
  • Limited banking services, compliance concerns and significant tax limitations

Northstar provides our Cannabis clients with experienced, expert financial resources to eliminate these difficult challenges.

Faced with an absence of large accounting firms in this high-growth, complex space, cannabis companies must adapt their financial practices to keep up with an increasingly competitive landscape and strict state and federal regulations.

Challenges Faced by Our Cannabis Clients

Why you need Northstar

GAAP Cost Accounting Challenge:

  • Adherence compliance is estimating 70% of cannabis Tax refunds will need to be corrected
  • CPA’s lack expertise can be costly.
  • Must use GAAP cost accounting monthly

Scarcity of industry qualified financial resources:

  • Legally complex landscape
  • Typically avoided by Big 4 Accounting firms
  • CPAs lack industry-specific regulatory understanding

Lack of Critical Reporting & KPIs:

  • Value reporting
  • Business efficiency
  • Investor confidence

Immature Financial Controls and Processes:

  • Canna-businesses are in a high growth industry
  • Often do not have dedicated CFO or Controller
  • Cash Management can be an issue

Our Cannabis-Specific Services

How we support your financial needs

Start-Up Services

  • Professional Onboarding System
  • Clean up Historical Financials
  • Proprietary Cannabis COA
  • Tax Goals
  • Entity Objectives

Ongoing Services

  • Prepare GAAP Financials
  • Required Cost Accounting
  • Month End Reconciliation
  • 6-Month Rolling Cash Forecast
  • Perpetual Data Room
  • Fixed Fee Pricing
  • Accounting Policies & Controls

    Under-Skilling Your Finance Function Can Lead To:

    • Tax Over/Under Payments
    • Risk of Audit and/or Penalties
    • Financials Not being “Investor Ready”
    • Lack of Metrics and Robust Reporting
    • Lack of Policies & Controls
    • Limited Cash Saving Protocols
    • Lower Valuation for Your Business
    • Weak Investor Relations

    Cannabis Client Benefits

    How we support your financial needs

    Our intimate knowledge of cannabis-specific financial and tax related issues along with practical and real-world experience within the industry allow us to effectively:

      • Navigate the complexity of  Internal Revenue Code (IRC) 280E to minimize your tax burden while remaining compliant with current laws and regulatory obligations.
      • Implement cannabis-specific best practices to ensure efficient organizational structure, finance processes and controls, risk management and operational activities.
      • Achieve maximum valuation by driving fundraising activities, including communicating with investors and your Board, creating business plans and developing effective pitchbooks.
      • Reduce the capital needed to build a robust financial department through outsourcing CFO, controller, and accounting/bookkeeping functions needed for both growth and risk management.
      • Create robust budgets and forecasts that help to determine where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there, while preserving cash and enabling your company to scale.

      Why Our Cannabis Clients Choose Us

      Customer Testimonials

      I can’t say enough good things about working with Lorenzo and his abilities to ask the hard questions and come up with ways to communicate financial jargon within an organization that everyone can understand. He’s always looking out for the bottom line and has an eye for detail like no other. He’s a true professional I can always count on to follow through and get the job done. From thorough analysis and reporting, to filling in gaps, he brings a seasoned perspective and thoughtful insight that I never took for granted.

      Scott Hirsch

      CEO, Fact Finders

      Learn How We Can Help

      We have a team of expert professionals that have deep Cannabis experience. Our professionals work in close coordination with the clients and carefully analyze their specific requirements.

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